In english

Speaking and writting in English is not our best, but we thought that some texts we wrote may be useful for comrades in other countries, so we said to try a little bit more…

Some notes on the “macedonian issue” and the struggle against nationalism in northern greece – April 2018

Texts about army objection and antimilitarism– Spring/Autumn 2018

Text about antimilitarist demonstration in Gorizia 100 years after the 1st world war – November 2018

Most parts of our collective‘s proposition in the event with comrades from Repulic of Macedonia – February 2019

Towards an antinationalist-antimilitarist/ anti war/ anti nato campaign in April – February 2019

Solidariy to russian anarchists-March 2019

Trans-collective text for the 70 years of NATO, against militarism, nationalism and war – April 2019

Text about “Mall of Shame” in Berlin and the unpaid workers from Romania – October 2019